How to Unfollow Friends on Facebook News Feed - dummies

How to Unfollow Friends on Facebook News Feed

By Carolyn Abram

By default, when you become friends with people on Facebook, you also start following them. This means that their posts may appear in your News Feed. However, as not all friendships are created equal, unfollowing is a simple way to stop seeing stories while still maintaining the friendship.

You don’t need any particular reason to unfollow people (or unfollow a Page). You can do it because they post too frequently, or you don’t like what they post, or because they just broke your best friend’s heart.

To select people (and Pages) you’d like to unfollow, follow these steps from the News Feed Preferences menu:

  1. Click the Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts section.
    This opens an interface for selecting people and Pages.
  2. Click on the people or Pages you want to unfollow.
    When you have selected someone to unfollow, that person’s profile picture will be outlined in blue and the word “Unfollowed” will appear below her name.
  3. Click Done to save your selections.

If your News Feed is ever feeling a little stale or bland, you might want to consider refollowing people you had previously unfollowed. Clicking this section of the Preferences menu opens a menu for choosing from people whom you have previously unfollowed. Click on any face to add them back into the News Feed mix and then click Done.