Tips for New FarmVille Farmers - dummies

Tips for New FarmVille Farmers

By Angela Morales, Kyle Orland

Part of FarmVille For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re new to virtual farming or just need occasional reminders of how to play most effectively, use the following tips for your FarmVille adventures:

  • Block your farmer: Blocking your FarmVille farmer avatar can save you precious time and speed up your farming experience. Why? Your farmer walks very slowly! You don’t need to wait around for it, though; you can farm just fine without letting your farmer move around. So block it in by arranging objects such as hay bales around it.

  • Wait to decorate: Decorating your farm is one of the most enjoyable parts of FarmVille for many players. However, decorations cost Farm Coins, so try to resist the temptation to overspend in the beginning. Keep in mind that decorations don’t provide you with any source of income.

  • Add FarmVille neighbors: Nothing enhances your FarmVille game play like the addition of neighbors! Neighbors are a major part of FarmVille and can make or break your farming experience, so if you are set on becoming part of the FarmVille elite, add a neighbor (or a few hundred).

  • Watch your Facebook news feed: The Facebook news feed is a great resource for finding items that you may need — for free! So even if you aren’t actively playing FarmVille at the moment, keep an eye on your news feed for all those great bonus shares and free items.

  • Maximize your crop space: In FarmVille, every part of your farm is a potential space to grow a crop and earn a profit because harvested crops yield Farm Coins.

  • Plant fast-growing crops: Crops that grow fast may take more effort but they can also mean more Farm Coins and XP if you plant multiple cycles in one day.