The Facebook Ticker - dummies

By Carolyn Abram

Ticker in Facebook is a continuously updating list of story headlines that appear as they happen. Remember, News Feed doesn’t show you everything. It shows you the stories and posts you are most likely to want to see. It favors certain friends over others and certain types of stories over others.

If you want to see absolutely everything look over in the rightmost column for your ticker. Instead of a full post, you see only the headline: Alexander commented on Elizabeth’s photo. Anjelica likes Aaron’s post.

You can hover the mouse cursor over any item in Ticker to expand the story and see all of the details. There’s an example of an expanded Ticker story here. Ticker itself is on the right side of the image, and the expanded story covers up News Feed. You can click, comment on, and like the content in the story just as you would a regular News Feed story.

An expanded ticker story.

If you don’t have very many friends or your friends aren’t very active on Facebook, you might not see ticker at all.

To stop the ticker from appearing on the right side of the page, hide it by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the Ticker section (it looks like an arrow pointing up into a bar). Click the icon again to show Ticker again.

If you find yourself spending more time looking at Ticker than at News Feed, you can change News Feed to show the most recent stories first, as opposed to the “top stories” that News Feed culls from the wealth of stories available to it.

  1. Click the small down arrow next to the words News Feed in the Favorites section of the left sidebar.
    A menu opens.
  2. Select Most Recent.
    News Feed shifts to show stories in the order they happened on Facebook, as opposed to promoting older stories that you might find more interesting to the top of News Feed.