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Stake Your Claim in the Blogosphere and Register Your Blog

By Marsha Collier

If you’ve decided that blogging is for you, it’s time to take the first step: Sign up at a site that will host (provide an online home for) your blog. Starting off at a site that won’t ask for payment is a nice idea, and Google fits that bill.

Since 2003, Google’s Blogger has hosted websites for anyone who wants to join in the world of blogging. The only caveat is that you need to have a Google account.

If you use any of Google’s services, you probably have an account already. If not, set up an e-mail account with Google’s Gmail service. Google Gmail is the most popular free e-mail service on the web; that’s mainly because of large (and free!) online storage space and excellent spam filters.

When you set it up, you’ll be able to handle your e-mail on the gmail website, or make it so the mail gets downloaded to almost any e-mail program on your computer.

After you create a Google account, you get access to all of Google when you sign in to Google services and set up your blog.

Follow these steps to register your blog:

  1. Go to Blogger, and you arrive at the universal Google Sign In page as shown.


  2. Sign in by typing your Google username (e-mail address) and password where prompted, then click Sign In.

    If you’re already signed in to Google (if you’re using Gmail or another of the Google platforms) you’ll already be signed in — and a picture (if you’ve already uploaded one) will appear.

  3. After signing in, you arrive at the Confirm Your Profile form, your name is already filled in.

    You will have to set up a Google+ profile, but that can wait until later. Google+ is a social network, similar to Facebook, but operated by Google and integrated into its services.

    Lots of people use a Google+ Profile as their “home page” on the web, especially when they don’t have a blog. Even if you do have a blog, the Google+ Profile makes a great online “About You” page.

  4. Fill in your Display Name.

    That’s the name (preferably your name) that Blogger uses automatically every time you sign your posts. Make it easy for your friends to know who you are — use your own name.

  5. Click the Continue to Blogger link to move on to the steps for setting up and launching your blog.