How to Send Stickers on Facebook - dummies

How to Send Stickers on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

Stickers on Facebook are a lot like the stickers you might have once used to adorn a school notebook or a letter from summer camp, except, you know, digital. There are virtually infinite sticker options you can send to friends, from smiley faces to ones related to various holidays to ones created by specific artists.

Clicking on the smiley face icon at the bottom of a chat window opens the Search Stickers menu, shown here.

Selecting stickers.

You can browse through the various categories of stickers here. Click a category name to see stickers in that category, then scroll down to see the full collection. As soon as you click on a sticker, it is sent to your friend.

Along the top of the Search Stickers menu are recently used sticker collections you have used. You can also click on the plus sign here to go to the sticker store. In the sticker store you can browse through sticker option and choose to add them to the options you see when you go to send a sticker. After you have added a sticker collection (by clicking the green Free button), close the sticker store by clicking the x in the upper right corner. Then, when you reopen the Search Stickers menu, you’ll see your new sticker pack along the top of the menu.