Your New Facebook Home Page - dummies

By Carolyn Abram

When you’re new to Facebook and have completed the Getting Started Wizard, you arrive at your Home page. This is where Facebook starts to look like the Facebook you would see if you’d been using the site for a while already. The Home page is what you see when you log in to Facebook.

What’s interesting about the Facebook Home page is that while some parts remain the same (such as the big blue bar on top, and the menu on the left-hand side), the bulk of what you see is constantly changing. This is because the Home page (also known as the News Feed) updates to show you what your friends are posting, sharing, and talking about on Facebook.

Facebook gets exponentially better once you have friends. This is absolutely true on the Home page. Until your friends respond to your requests, you may not see much here except prompts to learn more about Facebook, find more friends, or fill out more profile information beyond your profile picture.

After you add the people you know as friends, take a break. Stretch. Take a walk. Drink some water. Come back over the next few days to see the interesting photos, status updates, and links your friends are sharing.

As you navigate around Facebook for the first time, you may notice small boxes popping up in different parts of the screen (there’s an example of one such box here). Don’t ignore these guys! They are trying to teach you tips and tricks to get you comfortable using Facebook.

These little boxes point out how and why to use different Facebook features.