Making Facebook Friends' Lists - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Facebook gives you the chance to divvy up your ever-growing groups of friends into Lists. The more your number of “friends” grows, the more posts you see in your News Feed.

Quite frankly, even if you accepted a friendship from someone, you may not want to be burdened with every step-by-step description of daily activities. Quite aside from unfriending or banning the person, you can classify him or her as an Acquaintance.

Visit an offending friend’s Facebook page and click the word Friends. You have several options to build lists here:

  • Close Friends. Use this selection for close friends and family members you really like and they will show up with a star next to their name. Once you’ve indicated this status, all their posts will always show up in your News Feed.

    The people you designate on these lists will not be aware of your choices. Only when stating that someone is a direct relation in your family, Facebook will send them a message to confirm the relation.

  • Acquaintances. The posts from friends in your Acquaintances list will show up rarely in your News Feed, if ever.

  • Add to another list. Facebook automatically sets up lists for you, based on information you’ve shared in your bio or put in your Timeline. There may be a list from your high school, university, place of work, or family.


Now, when you post a status update on Facebook, you have a lot more control over who sees your post. For example, in the figure, the post is going to only a small group of close friends. No one else on Facebook will see that post.


After you fill in any required information, click the Join Network button. Facebook sends your request, and all you have to do is await confirmation.