How to View a Friends Photos on Facebook - dummies

How to View a Friends Photos on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

Just by opening up Facebook and looking at News Feed, you’ll find yourself looking at lots of people’s photos. You’ll see photos a few different ways: in your News Feed, in the photo viewer, and in an album format.

Photos in News Feed

Most of the New Feed screen is taken up by the photo. Running across the top is the name of the person who posted it and any description she wrote about it. There is also info about when the photo was added and how it was added.

Underneath the photo are links to Like, Comment, and Share the photo. Beneath those links is the count of how many likes the photo has already gotten, and any comments people have already made. You may even see a blank comment box, waiting for you to add your two cents.


The photo album preview is similar to the single photo, but previews more of the photos from the album. The name of the album appears at the top of the post and tells you how many photos are in the album. Clicking any of the photos expands the photo viewer, and clicking the album title brings you to an album view.


Photo viewer

The photo viewer is an overlay on top of Facebook that allows you to quickly browse photos and leave comments. Clicking a small version of a photo almost anywhere on Facebook expands the photo viewer and fades the rest of the screen to black. The left side of the viewer is where the photo appears, and the right side is where comments, likes, and info about the photo appear.


When you hover your mouse over the photo, more options show up in white on the photo. On either side is an arrow that allows you to navigate through a photo album. Clicking anywhere on the photo will also advance the album forward. At the bottom of the viewer, the following information appears:

  • <Album Name>: The album’s name is usually one your friend has created, like “Summer in February!” or a descriptive name generated by Facebook, such as “Mobile uploads.”

  • Photo count: The number of the photo you’re on in the album is also displayed.

  • Tag Photo: Clicking this allows you to add tags or labels for those in the photo.

  • Options: Clicking this reveals a menu of options for things like downloading the photo to your computer, reporting the photo, removing a tag, or making a photo your own profile picture.

  • Share: Clicking this lets you post the photo to your own Timeline.

  • Like: Selecting this option lets the person who added the photo know that you like the photo.

The album view

The album view is the grid of thumbnail photos that you see when you click the name of an album or click a View Album link. As you scroll down the page, more and more photos appear until you reach the end of the album.

Sometimes if people add a really large album, you may want to just skim an album view to see where the parts of the album are that interest you. Clicking on any one photo brings up the photo viewer.

At the top of the album view is the name of the album, some info about when and where the album was added, and any general info your friend has added about the album. Beneath the last row of photos, you can see who has liked the album or commented on it.


Photos on your mobile device

Looking at photos on smartphones isn’t too different from looking at them on a computer screen. Tapping a photo in News Feed expands the photo and fades the rest of the screen to black. Tap the photo once to see the options to like, comment, or return to News Feed.

Tapping the count of likes or comments expands a screen where you can scroll through the comments people have made on the photo. You can page through photos in an album just like you page through photos you’ve taken on your phone, swiping a finger from the right to the left side of the screen. The two-finger method of zooming in and out also works on Facebook photos.

View tagged photos and videos of yourself

Photos and videos of yourself refers to photos and videos in which you’re tagged. Tags are ways of marking who is in a photo — the online equivalent of writing the names of everyone appearing on the back of a photo print. Tags are part of what make Facebook Photos so useful. Even if you don’t add lots of photos, other people can add photos of you.

Photos you’ve been tagged in might be scattered across your friends’ Timelines, so Facebook collects all these photos in the Photos section of your Timeline. You can get there by clicking the Photos tab underneath your cover photo.

The Photos section defaults to showing Photos of <Your Name>. The Photos of <Your Name> section shows the most recently tagged photos at the top of the page. As you scroll down, you see older and older photos of yourself. This is a great place to take a trip down memory lane, and also to make sure that you’re aware of all the photos of you that are out there.

If you’ve been tagged in a photo and you don’t like that tag, you can always remove the tag. Then that photo will no longer be linked to your Timeline, and it won’t appear in the Photos of You section of your Timeline either.

If there’s a photo or video you don’t want on Facebook at all, even after you’ve removed the tag, get in touch with your friend and ask him to remove it. If you think it is offensive or abusive in any way, you can also report the photo and ask Facebook to remove it.