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How to Use Facebook Mobile Notifications

By Carolyn Abram

Just when you thought you were done with Mobile Text settings for Facebook, there’s a whole ‘nother bunch of settings to further fine-tune your Mobile Texts experience. To get started, head to the Notifications tab of the Settings page and click Edit next to the Text Message section.


From this section, you can change the following settings:

  • Turn text notifications on or off. Fairly self-explanatory, although it’s worth noting that even if you turn off Mobile Texts, you can continue to use SMS commands, add a new friend, and so on.

  • Decide which actions are text-worthy. Choose to be notified when someone comments on your posts or status updates, when you receive a Friend Request or have a Friend Request you sent confirmed, and everything else, which encompasses actions like being tagged in a photo or receiving an Inbox message. You can select anywhere between none to all three of these options.

  • Receive text notifications from friends only. This check box controls whether you want to receive a text only when you receive an Inbox message from a friend. This means that if, for example, a non-friend sends a message to your Inbox, you will not be notified by text.

  • Text times: From here, you can specify a window of time when you’ll gladly receive text notifications. So, for example, if someone pokes you at 2 a.m., you don’t have to wake up for it. (Maybe you want to know only who’s trying to poke you at 2 a.m. No judgment here.)

    Additionally, you can opt not to receive text notifications (via the Do Not Send SMS Notifications check box) while you’re actively using Facebook because that can get a bit redundant.

  • Which friends’ status updates should go to my phone? This is another channel for specifying which of your friends’ statuses you want sent to your phone. Simply type the name of the friend you want to subscribe to in this text box and choose the correct name from the autocomplete menu Facebook generates.

If you subscribe to the status of someone who doesn’t spell very well but is conscientious about it, you may receive several texts as he tries to get his status just right.