How to Upload Photos with Facebook Mobile - dummies

How to Upload Photos with Facebook Mobile

By Carolyn Abram

Facebook Mobile now lets you upload photos. Two types of people can be found at social events. There are the scrapbookers who always remember to bring their fancy-schmancy camera to every gathering. Then there are the people who never intend to take photos but who, when the birthday girl blows out her candles or the host spills wine on himself, is ready with his mobile phone camera.

To the scrapbookers of the world: Facebook Photos was built for you. However, if you’re the mobile photo taker, Mobile Photos is for you. With no time for weeding, editing, or second thoughts, mobile photos allow for instantaneous documentation.

Here’s how to upload a mobile photo:

  1. Make sure you have a phone with a camera and you know how to use it to take a picture and/or take a video.

    If you’re unsure, check your phone’s instruction manual or ask just about any teenager.

  2. Go to the Mobile tab of the Account menu and look for your personalized Post-By-Email address toward the bottom.

    This e-mail address — in this case, — makes it possible for you to upload photos to your Timeline from your phone. Be sure to add this e-mail address to your phone’s contacts so you can easily message it in the future.

  3. Wait for something hilarious or beautiful or awesome to happen and then take a picture or video of it.

  4. Send an e-mail to your address with the picture or video attached.

The subject line is the caption, so choose wisely.

  1. (Optional) To make edits or changes to your mobile photos, go to your photo albums and click the Mobile Uploads album. To make changes to your video, go your photo albums and click the Video album.

    The default visibility of your mobile uploads is Public/Everyone.