How to Share Content on Facebook - dummies

How to Share Content on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

You’ve probably noticed the word share being used a lot on Facebook. In addition to the Share box at the top of your News Feed and Timeline, Facebook has a specific Share feature, designed to make it easy to post and send content that you find both on Facebook and on the web.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the little Share links all over Facebook. They show up on albums, individual photos, events, groups, News Feed stories, and more. They help you share content quickly without having to copy and paste.

If you’re looking at content on Facebook that you want to show someone, simply click the Share link near it. This opens a pop-up window with a Share box inside.


The Share box has a drop-down menu for choosing where you want to share the content. You can share

  • On Your Own Timeline: This option posts the content to your Timeline the same way you post a link or a photo from your Share box. This means it will go into your friends’ News Feeds as well.

  • On a Friend’s Timeline: This option is the same as copying and pasting a link into a post you leave on your friend’s Timeline (but it’s much easier than all that copy/paste nonsense).

  • In a Group: This option allows you to post the content to a group you’re a member of.

  • On a Page You Manage (for Page owners only): If you’re the admin of a Page — a Timeline for non-people — you can share things as a post from your Page.

  • In a Private Message: This accomplishes the same thing as copying and pasting a link into a message to a friend. In other words, only the friend you send it to will see the link, whereas sharing via the Timeline means anyone viewing your friend’s Timeline can also see the link.

If you’re choosing to share on your own Timeline, you can click the privacy drop-down menu next to the Share button to set privacy on the post.

After you choose how you want to share the item, you can write something about what you’re sharing. If you’re sharing an article, you can edit the preview that appears in the post. The Share box shows you the preview, and you can hover over the headline and teaser text to highlight them. Click the highlighted text to begin editing the preview.

You can also choose a thumbnail to accompany most shared links. Use the arrow keys next to the words Choose a Thumbnail to see your options. If you don’t like any of them, select the No Thumbnail box.

If you click Share on a friend’s post, the friend who originally shared it is given a credit. So if you reshare an article, the post that your friends see will say Via <Friend’s Name> so that everyone knows where you found it.