How to Share a YouTube Video on Facebook - dummies

By Marsha Collier

So you just watched a video on YouTube and you can’t wait to show it to all your friends. Well, it turns out that Facebook is the perfect place to show a video to the maximum number of friends in the minimum amount of time.

  1. Start out by going to YouTube and clicking the video you want to share.

    Beneath the screen that’s showing the actual video, you should see a Share button. Click it, and you get several buttons you can click to share the video on various social networking sites, including Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and (you guessed it) Facebook.

  2. Click the Facebook button, and you’re prompted to add a message in a rectangular text box (similar to the status update space).

    Type in your message and click the Share button at bottom right. Voilà! You’ve posted a video to your Facebook wall.

    You can also copy the URL of your video, and then paste it into a status update, as you would when posting any link.

    If you want to upload a video of your own that you have on your computer, you can post it the same way you upload a photo. Just be sure to click the icon of the teeny movie camera in the Attach area.