How to Report an Offensive Facebook Group - dummies

How to Report an Offensive Facebook Group

By Carolyn Abram

As a member of the Facebook community, if you stumble upon an offensive Group in your travels, you should report it to Facebook so that the company can take appropriate actions. To report a Group, follow these steps:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Gear button on the right side of the Group’s Home page, and then select the Report Group link.


    You see a form like this.

  2. Fill out the report by choosing a reason for the report and include a comment that explains why you feel the Group should be removed.

  3. Click Submit.

Facebook removes all Groups that

  • Contain pornographic material or inappropriate nudity

  • Attack an individual or Group

  • Advocate the use of illicit drugs

  • Advocate violence

  • Serve as advertisements or are otherwise deemed to be spam by Facebook

Many Groups on Facebook take strong stands on controversial issues, such as abortion or gun control. In an effort to remain neutral and promote debate, Facebook won’t remove a Group because you disagree with its statements.