How to Optimize Facebook Post Images for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

People are more likely to engage with your social marketing on your Facebook Page when you post visual content — especially images. The more that people engage in your content, the more visibility you generate for your page.


When uploading an image as a status update on Facebook, you have a number of ways to optimize your post.

Be sure that the image is the optimal size. Images that are too large may be partially cut off, which can ruin how your image looks in the newsfeed and timeline. For example, here is how larger images may be cut off when viewed in the newsfeed.


The maximum size of an image that can be uploaded to Facebook is 2048 X 2048 pixels. When you share an image in Timeline view, Facebook displays an image in a “container” that allows an image size of 403 X 403. If your image exceeds this size, Facebook starts in the center and displays a portion of the image in the Newsfeed and Timeline views.

To optimize your photos for Facebook display sizes, make sure that the images you upload are square, if possible (because the space that displays the images is square). Alternatively, make your image sizes a maximum of 403 pixels high or wide.