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How to Navigate Your Facebook Group’s Home Page

By Carolyn Abram

To get to a Facebook Group’s Home page, just click the Group name in the left column. If you have a lot of Groups, you may need to click a More link to find the one you want to get to. Just as your Profile provides a summary of you (not to say that you could ever be summarized), this page provides an overview of what’s happened in the Group recently, including snapshots of the most recent photos, videos, and member comments.


At the top part of the Group Home page, you see the Group name (in this case, Dummy Group) and the Group privacy level (in this case, Closed). Depending on privacy settings, you may be able to see all of a Group’s contents before joining it, even though you can’t post new content.

Moving down the central column of the page, you’ll see something fairly recognizable: the Wall. People can post content, events, and ideas to the Wall, where other members of the Group can respond via comments. And of course, at the very top of the Wall is a Publisher, where you can write posts, add photos or videos, ask Questions, and create Docs (which are basically wiki-style documents that all Group members can edit).

On the right side of the page are a few buttons, links, and boxes. Starting at the top and moving down the page:

  • Notifications button: Click this button in the top-right corner of the page to manage notifications that you receive from this Group and to edit your settings for the group.

  • Gear button: Click the drop-down arrow next to the Gear button to bring up most of your options for this group, including the following:

    • Chat with Group: Click this link to initiate a Group Chat — in other words, to talk in real-time with all the members of the Group who happen to be online.

    • Create Event: Click this link to create a new Event for the Group.

    • Edit Group (admins only): If you are a Group admin, you can click this button to access certain Group settings that only you control.

    • Report Group: If you feel that this group is violating one of Facebook’s policies in some way, you can pick this option to alert Facebook so it can decide whether to close this group.

    • Leave Group: Turns out the No Boys Allowed Club is kind of dull? Letting your membership in the Community Theater lapse for a season? If at any time you want out, all you have to do is click this link.

    If you remove yourself from a Group, you cannot rejoin, and your friends cannot invite you to rejoin.

  • Search This Group: This text box at the top-right corner of the page allows you to search the content of a Group for specific keywords. It only searches text that Group members have entered, so if you’re searching for a particular link someone shared, you’ll have to find the person who sent it.

    Search results within Groups show the context and the keyword, as well as an icon to represent whether the word was found in a comment (quotation mark icons) or an original post (sticky note icon).

  • Members box: At the top of the right column is the Members box (complete with thumbnail Profile pictures). If you want to see all members of a Group, click the See All link in the upper-right corner of the Members box.

  • Add Friends to Group box: If someone adds you to a Group and you know other people who ought to be there, click inside this text box to type in their names and add whomever you want.