How to Move Photos from One Facebook Album to Another - dummies

How to Move Photos from One Facebook Album to Another

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

To move a photo from one Facebook album to another, navigate to your personal timeline or business page. Then click the Photos link under your cover photo to go to your Albums page. From there, just follow these steps to move your photos from one album to another:

  1. Click the album in which the picture currently resides.

    A page appears displaying all the pictures in that album.

  2. Either click the Edit button in the upper-right corner or the pencil icon that appears when you move your cursor over a photo.

    Note: The Profile Pictures and Cover Photos albums don’t offer the Edit button option.

  3. If you clicked the Edit button, mouse over the picture and click the arrow in the upper-right corner.

  4. Select the Move to Other Album link.

    A new page appears. Note: You will see a message alerting you only if the picture you are moving is part of a post.


  5. Click the Move To drop-down list under the picture you want to move, and then select the album to which you want to move the picture.

  6. Click the Move Photo button.

    The Album page for the original album appears, but the picture you moved is gone. To see the picture, click the Albums link. On the Albums page that appears, click the album to which you moved the picture.