How to Manage Facebook Friend Lists - dummies

How to Manage Facebook Friend Lists

By Carolyn Abram

Friend Lists (capital L) are subsets of your giant list of Facebook friends (lowercase l). Confused yet? Friend Lists are a way of organizing your friends into lists to make your Facebook experience even easier and more personalized to you and your types of friends. Organizing your friends into Friend Lists allows you to do the following:

  • Share different types of information with different sets of friends. For example, your best friends may get to see your party photos, and your family may get to see your wedding photos. This is a custom privacy setting you can use all over Facebook.

  • See a version of News Feed that shows only updates from people in that list. You can make sure that you can easily zero in on updates from a certain group of people, which may be your family, or friends from college, or both. You can choose to view only News Feeds from those people.

  • Use Friend Lists in Chat. You can show yourself as online or offline to different groups of people, or easily scan for certain types of friends currently online, such as social friends if you’re looking for a dinner date or carpool friends if you need a ride.

The options for how you create Friend Lists are virtually limitless. Your lists can be for silly things (Girls’ Night Out Girls), real-world needs (Family), or general bucketing (co-workers).