How to Hide Facebook News Feed Stories - dummies

How to Hide Facebook News Feed Stories

By Carolyn Abram

While you can use Facebook’s News Feed views to look at a different version, you can also influence what you see by hiding stories you don’t like. Hiding stories (and subsequently hiding all stories from certain people) sends a signal to News Feed that it will try to learn from.

If you’re constantly hiding stories about people checking in to locations, it will stop showing you so many of those stories. Hiding stories also comes in handy if there’s a single story that you find annoying and you just don’t want to look at anymore.

To hide a story, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over the story you want to hide.

    A small gray downward-pointing arrow appears in the upper-right corner of that story.

  2. Click the gray arrow.

    A menu of options appears: Hide, Report/Mark as Spam, Follow Post.

  3. Select Hide.

    The story immediately disappears and is replaced with two lines of text. There are two links in bold: Unhide and Hide All Stories from <Friend Name>.

  4. (Optional) If you realize you actually do want to see a story, click the Unhide link.

    The story reappears in your News Feed.

  5. (Optional) If you never want to see this person’s stories appear in your News Feed, click the link to Hide All Stories.

If you choose to hide people from your News Feed entirely, there may come a day when you want to unhide them. To do so, follow the preceding steps on any story in News Feed. After you have hidden all stories from a friend, a link appears to Edit News Feed Options.

Click this link to bring up a list of all the people and Pages you’ve hidden from News Feed. Scroll through the list and click the X next to any name you no longer want hidden (in other words, click X next to names you’d like to see in News Feed again). Click Save when you’re done.