How to Find Highly Rated Medical Care Online - dummies

By Marsha Collier

New healthcare laws are causing many to regroup and look to new professionals for their health care needs. Healthgrades is the leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals.

They’ve been around since 1988, and more than 250 million people visit the site each year. They have proprietary information about clinical outcomes, satisfaction, safety, and health conditions that allow the visitor to make more informed healthcare decisions.


Once on the site, type in your location than click one of the tabs to find doctors (and specialists), dentists, or hospitals in your area and read the online reviews. When looking for a new professional, you may also search by specialties or specific procedures.

You can find your current medical professional and add your own review by clicking the box on your provider’s page that says How was your experience? You can then indicate, through a one- to five-star rating, how you feel about your experiences with your provider(s) and their staff and facilities.

You’ll be asked to input your e-mail address at the conclusion of the short survey, to confirm your survey responses. Once confirmed, your data will join (anonymously) that of the other respondents to the Patient Satisfaction tab on the provider’s page within 24 hours.

Data doesn’t only come from patient surveys. For example, when it comes to hospitals, Healthgrades analyzes three years of Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MedPAR) data to produce a detailed report on mortality and complication. For its 2014 report, Healthgrades “analyzed approximately 40 million patient records for nearly 4,500 short-term, acute care hospitals nationwide, assessing hospital performance relative to each of more than 31 common conditions and procedures.”