How to Edit Facebook Post Images for Visual Social Marketing - dummies

How to Edit Facebook Post Images for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

Facebook allows you to make basic edits and make other changes after posting a photo for visual social marketing. To find the photo, click the Photos tab at the top of the page; or, if you see the image in the Timeline, simply click the image.

This action opens Image view so that you can make changes to your photo. To make changes to the image, click the Options link underneath the post. A number of options appear.


This list describes your options for editing:

  • Edit Location: Adds a location to where the image was taken. You can tag your own location if the image was taken in your place of business or other places on Facebook. You can also add a city as a location.

    To add a business or city as a location on Facebook, start typing the name of the place. A list of existing places appears that match the one you’re typing. If you don’t see the location you want, you can type the location name and click Add Place to create one.

  • Change Date: Records the date on which your photo was uploaded. You can change it to any date in the present or past.

  • Rotate Left/Right: If your image appears sideways or upside down, rotates it left or right.

  • Download: Downloads images from Facebook to your computer.

  • Make Profile Picture for Page: Simply makes the image you’re viewing the profile picture for your page. After clicking the Make Profile Picture for Page link, you have the option to choose the square section of the image that will be displayed as your profile photo.

  • Move to Other Album: Lets you change the album in which the photo is stored. After selecting this option, you can choose from existing albums to add the image or create a new album, which is an option at the bottom of the drop-down box.

  • Embed Post: Creates code that lets you embed the Facebook status update elsewhere on the web. For example, you may select this option and copy the code to display the Facebook post on your website.

  • Delete This Photo: Deletes the photo.

  • Enter Fullscreen: Generates a full-screen view of the image.

In addition to choosing the options on the Options menu, you can click a few links to enhance your image posts — these are also displayed below the image:

  • Tag Photo: Tags other people or pages in your photo by selecting them from a list after you start typing their names (after clicking the Tag Photo text). Tagging is simply a way to identify the people or pages that are in a photo. When using Facebook as a page (as opposed to using Facebook as your personal profile), you’re limited in how you may tag people.

    For example, if you’re using Facebook as your business page, you can’t tag your friends in photos. When you use Facebook as yourself, you can tag people in photos. Pages on Facebook can tag only the pages they have liked that are categorized as People, Brands, or Products.

  • Boost Post: Lets you pay money for more people to see your posts (similar to an ad). If you want to increase the number of people who see your image post, you can click the Boost Post link and Facebook then guides you through the process of paying to promote the post.

  • Share: Lets you share any photo (including your own) on your timeline. You don’t typically share your own photos, because they have already been shared on your page; however you can share on your page a photo that you find on another page.

    When using Facebook as a person (not a business), you can share photos on your timeline or on the timelines of your friends or other pages you have liked.