How to Edit and Tag Your Facebook Videos - dummies

How to Edit and Tag Your Facebook Videos

By Carolyn Abram

This kind of editing for Facebook videos doesn’t mean the kind of fancy editing that editing software like Final Cut Pro might do. Rather, you’re editing how these items are displayed and seen by your friends.

To get to the Edit Video screen, click the Play button in the center of the video. This opens the Photo viewer overlay, where the video begins playing. On the right side of the viewer are three buttons: Tag Video, Add Location, and Edit. Clicking Edit turns the right side of the viewer into a series of text boxes where you can add information.


The Edit Video screen has several fields to fill out; most of these are optional:

  • Title: Name your video. You can be artsy and name it something like Boston Cream Meets a Bitter End or something descriptive like Pie in the Face. If you don’t choose a title, the video is automatically titled with the timestamp of when you recorded or uploaded it.

  • Description: This field is for you to describe what’s happening in your video, although frequently videos speak for themselves.

  • Tags (Who were you with?): This option is similar to tagging a photo or a post. Simply start typing the names of all the friends who are in the video and then select the friends from the list that displays. Your friends are notified that they’ve been tagged in a video and can remove the tag if they decide they don’t want to be included.

  • Location (Where was this video taken?): You can enter a location such as a city or a place of business. Facebook attempts to autocomplete as you type.

  • Date: As with any post, you can add a date to make sure it appears in the right place in your Timeline.

  • Privacy: Your privacy options for videos are the same as for any post: Public, Friends Except Acquaintances, Friends, Only Me, or Custom. By default, whatever the privacy was on your last post will be the privacy for the video you added.

Click Done Editing when you finish filling out these fields.