How to Edit a Facebook Post - dummies

By Carolyn Abram

Ever have the need to edit a post? If you’ve been on Facebook for a while and start scrolling backward through time, you may notice that you’re not seeing everything. You see everything that you’ve done in the last week, sure. And most things from the last month. If you scroll back a year, you might see one photo from a big event that a lot of people commented on.

Facebook knows that not all posts are created equal, so it attempts to create a selection of the best posts to represent your history, and it calls these posts Highlights. When you look at your Timeline highlights, you see what Facebook thinks are the most important posts and bits of information.

Facebook does this based on algorithms that look at things like how many likes or comments a certain post got. It favors things like photos. But Facebook doesn’t always get it right, so you can always go back and choose your own highlights.

Hover over any post in your Timeline to reveal two buttons in the upper-right corner of that post. The star button allows you to highlight a post. Highlighting it puts a little blue flag over the corner of the post. Click that flag again to remove the highlight.


Clicking the pencil icon allows you to edit the post. Editing it includes four options: Change Date, Change Location, Hide from Timeline, or Delete. Keep in mind that these options are available for only your own posts. Posts that your friends have left on your Timeline have two editing options: change date and hide from Timeline. You can also delete or report posts your friends have left on your wall.

Photo posts contain an additional option: Reposition Photo. Because the post boxes are uniform sizes, sometimes your photos get cropped on your Timeline. Click this option to reposition which section of a photo is seen in the post on your Timeline.

Hiding a post is different from deleting it. When you hide a post, you keep that post from appearing on your Timeline, but the post still exists. So if, for example, you hide a particularly bad photo from your Timeline, the photo album still exists.

Anyone with permission to see it could navigate to your Photos section and check it out. But it’s not going to get called out on your Timeline. If you delete a post, it’s gone forever; even you won’t be able to find it on Facebook.

If you’re looking to remove things like photos or videos that exist only on Facebook, keep in mind that once they’re gone from Facebook they’re gone forever. It might be more practical to change the audience that can see the photo album than to delete it entirely. Trust me; one hard-drive crash, and your photos are Facebook-only.