How to Customize Your Facebook Video - dummies

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

After you’ve shared a video on Facebook and it’s out in the wild, you can let it run its course or you can customize a few aspects (such as tagging people in the video or editing the title. First, though, you need to find the video you’ve uploaded to your timeline or business page.

Finding your video on Facebook

To find a video you recently shared on your personal timeline or business page, you can look on your personal timeline or business page to see if it’s still visible. If it is, click the title of the video (which is probably something generic). If you don’t see the video listed on your personal timeline or business page, you can follow these instructions to find it:

  1. Go to your personal timeline or business page and click the Photos link under your cover image.

    Your Photos page appears.

  2. On the Photos page, click the Albums link.

    The second album includes all the videos you have created, uploaded, or been tagged in.


  3. Click the video you want to edit.

    A page appears that lists the video and the editing features.

Editing your video

Facebook doesn’t currently offer full-fledged video-editing software. If you want control over frame-by-frame content or want to enhance a video with music or text, you need to do that with video-editing software on your computer, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or iMovie.

When you click a video to edit it, regardless of whether you uploaded the video to your timeline or to your business page, you see a page like this.


The Facebook video page has the following options in the right sidebar:

  • Tag Video button: Click the Tag Video button, and options appear in the top-right corner. Click the Who Were with You text box and type the name of the person or people you want to tag. You also have the option of associating a location with your video. Click the Where Was This Video Taken text box and type the city or country you want associated with your video.

    It’s spammy to tag people or pages that aren’t in your video or photo. If you posted this video to a business page, you can’t tag individual followers unless you’re connected with them via your personal timeline (in other words, you need to be Facebook friends with them).

  • Add Location button: Add where the video was taken.

  • Edit button: Click the Edit button to add or change the title of the video, add a description, tag people, add a location, or select a date.

  • Like link and Comment link: On the right side of the page, you see a list of comments people have made about the video. You can respond to comments, delete comments, and Like or Unlike the video or comments.

  • Follow/Unfollow Post link: When you post a video or comment on a video, the default setting is to receive notification when others comment or Like the video. If you don’t want a notification when people interact with your photo, click Unfollow Post. If you change your mind, return to the video and click Follow Post.

  • Share link: Click the Share link and use the Share on Your Own Timeline drop-down list to choose where you’d like to share the video. You have the option of sharing this video on your personal timeline, on a friend’s personal timeline, in a group, on your business page, or via a private message.

    After you choose where to share the video, type a short introduction of the video to give your audience context, and then click the Share Video button.

  • Edit link: Click the Edit link to do the main customization of your video. The Edit Video page has the following options:

    • In This Video: You can tag people in your video. Start typing the name of the person you want to tag and then choose them from the menu. You must be connected to the person via your personal timeline to tag them. You can tag other business pages whether you have Liked them or not.

    • Title: Give your video a name. The default title is the date and time you recorded the video.

    • Where: Type the location where you took the video.

    • When: Type the date when you took the video.

    • Description: Type an overview of what people can expect to see when they watch your video. Go ahead and use keywords in your paragraph if you can, especially if this video appears on your business page. Keywords will help others find your video.

    • Privacy: If you’re posting the video to your personal timeline, you can determine who can see the video, using the Privacy drop-down list. If you’re posting the video on your business page, anyone can view the video. Your business page is not tied to your personal timeline privacy settings, and the video will be public.

    • Choose a Thumbnail: Scroll through the optional thumbnail pictures, and stop on the one you like.

    • Save, Delete, or Cancel: If you click Save, your updates are saved. If you click Delete, your video is permanently deleted — no take-backs. If you click Cancel, your updates are not saved, and your video is still published to your timeline.

Below the video itself, you see the following options:

  • Options: This button enables you to edit the location, change the date, rotate the video left or right, edit the video, embed the video, get the video link, and delete the video.

  • Send: You can send the video as a private Facebook message to only selected people.

  • Tag Video: Include your Facebook friends or those who were in the video.

  • Share: Post the video to your timeline, a friend’s timeline, a group page, a business page you manage, or a private message.

  • Like: Click to Like the video.