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How to Control Your Facebook Timeline Privacy

By Carolyn Abram

In addition to the content you post, you can control the information that you’ve entered in the About and Interests sections of your Facebook Timeline. This may be a wise choice if you use Facebook for professional networking.

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All about privacy

This information, such as where you went to school or your relationship status, changes infrequently, if ever. You can edit the privacy for this content in the same place you edit the information itself. To get there, go to your Timeline and then click the Update Info button in the bottom-right corner of your cover photo.

The About page has several sections, each representing a different information category. So, for example, all your work and education information appears in the Work and Education section. Click the Edit button in the upper-right corner of a section to access additional editing options for that category.

Next to each piece of information, a privacy icon appears signifying who can see that piece of information. By default, most of this information is set to Public and visible to Everyone, although contact information is visible only to Friends by default.

Clicking the privacy icon to the right of a field displays the Audience Selector. When you’ve finished changing your settings for any particular category, remember to click Save wherever it appears.


Timeline information is one of the places where the Only Me setting might come in handy. For example, lots of people don’t like sharing their birthdays on Facebook, but Facebook requires you to enter a birthday when you sign up. By making it visible only to you, it effectively hides your birthday from everyone.

Click Save Changes when you’re done editing privacy settings. Otherwise, the new settings won’t stick.

Interested in privacy

If you’re looking at your About page and continue scrolling down past all the information sections, you come to the Interest sections. Interests are sorted into categories like Movies, Music, Books, and so on.

For your TV Shows section, for example, you can add TV shows that you’ve watched, TV shows that you want to watch, and TV shows that you like. Each time you add a TV show to the list of shows you’ve watched or want to watch, you can also control who sees that you’ve added that particular show to that list.


To edit who can see what you’ve liked, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re looking at the correct section on your screen.

  2. Click the pencil icon button in the upper-right corner of the box.

    A menu of options related to this section appears.

  3. Click Edit Privacy.

    A pop-up window opens.

  4. In the section of the box labeled Likes, click the Privacy menu.

    This opens the Privacy menu with familiar options: Public, Friends, Friends Except Acquaintances, Only Me, Custom, or Lists.

  5. Choose whom you want to see the TV shows you have liked.

  6. Click Close to save the changes.