How to Communicate with Your Friends on Facebook - dummies

How to Communicate with Your Friends on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

Part of Facebook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Meet up with friends on Facebook. You can communicate with your friends on Facebook in a whole host of ways: posting, writing on their timelines, sending messages, and more.

What to Do What It Is How to Get There
Send a message. Similar to an email, but short, sweet, and no need to remember any email addresses. Go to your friend’s Timeline. Click the Message button in the bottom right corner of their cover photo.
Create a post. If you have something you think might interest friends, but you’re not sure who or how much, you can create a post. Your friends may read it in their News Feed or see it when they visit your Timeline. Click in the publisher at the top of News Feed or on your own Timeline. Write whatever you think might interest some of your friends. Wait for the comments and messages to trickle back.
Write on a friend’s Timeline. To communicate with friends in public, to tease them, or to congratulate them for something their friends might want to hear about, write on their Timelines. Go to the Timeline of any friend and write in the Publisher below their cover photo. Posts go into mutual friends’ News Feeds.
Share a photo on the go. You can use Facebook’s app for smartphones to share the photos you take with your Facebook friends. From the Facebook app for iPhone or Android, tap on the Photo button. This opens your phone’s camera roll, where you can select photos you want to share with friends. Tap post once you’ve chosen a photo.
Tag friends in a status update. If you’re posting something that you know might interest certain people, you can tag them so they’ll be notified about the post. Click in the Publisher on your Timeline or Home page and type your post. Type @ and start typing your friend’s name, and select their name from the menu of names that Facebook generates as you type.