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How to Block People, Apps and Invites on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

Most of your Facebook privacy settings are preventative measures for making yourself comfortable on Facebook. Blocklists are usually more reactive. If someone does something on Facebook that bothers you, you may choose to block him or block certain actions he takes from affecting you. You can manage five blocklists here: Restricted List, Block Users, Block App Invites, Block Event Invites, and Block Apps.


Restricted Lists

The Restricted List is a list you can create that’s not quite as serious as blocking someone outright but that is also slightly more serious than simply adding the person to your Acquaintances list. For example, say that you receive Friend Requests from Veronica and Logan. You accept the Friend Requests and add Veronica to the Acquaintances list, and Logan to the Restricted list.

Whenever you add a post that is visible to Everyone, both can see it. When you add a post that is visible to Friends Except Acquaintances, neither can see it. However, when you add a post that is visible to Friends, Veronica will be able to see it, but Logan won’t be able to. Make sense?

To add someone to this list, click Edit List on the right side of the page. A pop-up window appears. If you’ve already added people to this list, they appear here, and you can remove them from the list by hovering over their pictures and clicking the x that appears in the right corner of the photos.


To add people to the list, follow these steps:

  1. Click the button in the top left of the box named On This List.

    A menu of two options appears: Friends and On This List.

  2. Click Friends.

    A grid appears showing all your friends listed alphabetically by first name.

  3. Select friends to add to the restricted list by clicking their pictures or by searching for them by name in the upper-right corner and then clicking their pictures.

  4. When you’re done, click the Finish button in the lower-right corner of the box.

Block Users

Blocking someone on Facebook is the strongest way to distance yourself from someone else on Facebook. For the most part, a blocked person can’t see any traces of you on Facebook. You won’t show up in his News Feed; if he looks at a photo in which you’re tagged, he may the photo, but he won’t see that your name has been tagged. Your posts are also hidden from him.

Here are a few key things to remember about blocking:

  • It’s almost entirely reciprocal. If you block someone, she is just as invisible to you as you are to her. So you can’t access her Timeline, nor can you see anything about her anywhere on the site. The only difference is that if you blocked the relationship, you’re the only one who can unblock it.

  • People you block are not notified that you blocked them. Nor are they notified if you unblock them. If they are savvy Facebook users, they may notice your suspicious absence, but Facebook never tells them that they have been blocked by you.

  • You can block people who are your friends or who are not your Friends. If you are friends with someone and then you block her, Facebook also removes the friendship. If, at some point in the future, you unblock her, you will need to re-friend her.

To add people to your blocklist, simply enter their names or e-mail addresses into the boxes provided. Then click the Block button. Their names then appear in a list here. Click the Unblock link next to their names if you want to remove the block.

Block App Invites

An application is a term used to describe pieces of software that use Facebook data, even when those applications weren’t built by Facebook. As friends use apps and games, they may want you to join in on the fun and send you an invite to join them. This is all well and good until you find that certain people send you wayyyy too many invites.

Rather than unfriend or block the overly friendly person who’s sending you all those invitations, you can simply block invitations. This option still allows you to interact with your friend in every other way, but you won’t receive application invites from him or her.

To block invites from a specific person, just type the person’s name in the Block Invites From box, and click Enter when you’re done. That person’s name then appears on the list below the text box. To remove the block, click Unblock next to that name.

Block Event Invites

Similar to App Invites, you may have friends who are big planners and love to invite all their friends to their events. These may be events that you have no chance of attending because they’re taking place across the country, and your friend has chosen to invite all his friends without any regard for location. You can get rid of the invitations by entering his name here.

To block event invites from specific people, just type their names into the Block Invites From box, and click Enter when you’re done. Their names then appear on the list below the text box. To remove the block, click Unblock next to their names.

Block Apps

Occasionally, an app behaves badly once you start using it. It may start spamming your friends or using your information in ways that make you uncomfortable. If an app is doing so, you can block it to prevent it from contacting you through Facebook and getting updated Facebook information about you.

To block an app, type its name in the Block Apps text field and press Enter. The name of the app appears on the list below the text box. To remove the block, click Unblock next to its name.