How to Add Photos to Facebook with Instagram - dummies

How to Add Photos to Facebook with Instagram

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

One of the greatest abilities you have on Facebook is to share pictures with your friends and family. Instagram provides you with a few extra tools to do just that, but with a little flair. Instagram is a free, popular photo-sharing application that can transform photos taken with a mobile device by adding a digital filter, creating unique looks.


You can integrate Instagram with Facebook in the following three ways:

  • Add an Instagram Feed tab on your Facebook page. Statigram makes this process easy. You can display your Instagram feed, add a #hashtag feed, and do a whole lot more. Their Photo Gallery widget displays your Instagram photos on your blog or website.

  • Add InstaTab to your page: InstaTab is easy to set up. It enables users to click individual photos and engage with each one.

  • Post directly to Facebook through the Instagram app. The Instagram app is available in the App Store and through Google Play. Simply take a picture on your mobile device or select one in your phone’s gallery. Then choose the Share option and select Facebook. To allow Instagram access to your photos, you must connect it to your Facebook account.