How to Add Facebook Timeline Life Events - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Life events happen to everyone. And in your Timeline status box, you have the opportunity to share your special events with the world (or just with your friends).

  1. To add a significant event, click the Life Event link above the status-update box.

  2. Select one of the five main categories that identifies your event. Facebook produces a slider menu on the right, offering a list of options in the main categories.


  3. Select the category you want to add, and then fill out the form that pops up; include the city and state in which the event occurred.

  4. Add a photo. (You can upload a fresh one or select from photos already uploaded.)

  5. Specify the Privacy setting by clicking the small down arrow to the left of the Save button.

  6. When you’re all done, click Save and the event will be part of your Timeline and on your map.

    Clicking a year (or decade) in the Timeline navigation at the right of your Page takes you to that specific point in your Timeline.