Hiding Friends’ Posts on Facebook - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Once you’ve been on Facebook for a while, you may connect with people from your past, friends and family, and some folks you’ve met on Facebook through other friends. This is a good thing.

When you go to your News Feed to read posts, however, you may find that some of those folks have wildly varied views that (ahem) diverge from yours (some of which you may never have known about). Facebook operates in a conversational tone; many folks feel comfortable discussing their deepest feelings online; which may include opinions (political or religious) that differ from yours.

You may choose to engage them in a discussion online (which may end up being a fruitless annoyance), shrug, and go on (another way of saying, “Live and let live”), or you can try to ignore the irritating posts as you scroll the page.

It may not seem politically correct or courteous to unfriend (say) your cousin just because you don’t subscribe to views like his. Instead of unfriending him, just hide his postings.

To avoid such postings altogether:

  1. Go to your friends’ page, and in the cover photo, you will see a box titled Following.


    You automatically Follow someone’s feed when you become his or her Friend. Consider whether it’s time to stop Following this person.

  2. Click the word Following and it will toggle to Follow.

    If you’re not Following someone on Facebook, you won’t see his or her updates in your News Feed.