Filling Out Facebook Profile Information - dummies

Filling Out Facebook Profile Information

By Carolyn Abram

A few basic pieces of profile information will help you find your friends on Facebook, as well as helping your friends identify you when you send them a friend request. These are your current workplace, current city, any schools you’ve attended, and your hometown.

Especially if you have a common name, this information can really help someone who is regarding a friend request figure out if you are in fact Jane Smith from Portland (who they definitely want to be friends with) or Jane Smith from Seattle (who, maybe not so much).

To add this basic profile information, follow these steps:

  1. From your Home page, click the Edit Profile link in the upper left corner of the screen.
    This link can be found beneath the Facebook logo in the blue bar on top of the page, directly underneath your name and profile picture preview. Clicking it takes you to the About section of your Timeline, shown here. By default, you are looking at the Work and Education subsection.
    Add Profile Information here.
  2. Click Add a workplace, Add a college, or Add a high school.
    Clicking any of these links opens up an interface for typing in the name of your workplace, college, or high school, respectively.
  3. Start typing the name of your workplace or school.
    Facebook autocompletes, or attempts to guess at what you’re typing as you type. So, for example, if you start typing “m-i-c” Facebook will display a menu of possible company matches — Microsoft, Mic Media, Michael Kors, and so on.
  4. Select your workplace or school when you see it appear in the autocomplete menu.
    If your workplace doesn’t appear in the autocomplete menu, simply finish typing its name and press Enter.
  5. (Optional) Add more details about your work or school.
    You can add information like your specific job title, major, year of graduation, and more.
  6. Click Save Changes.
    The blue Save Changes button is at the bottom of the section you are editing.

To the left of the Save Changes button, a small globe icon and the word “Public” lets you know that once you save it, this information is publicly available. Anyone can see it.

To add your hometown and current city from the About section of your profile, click the Places You’ve Lived link on the left side of the page (underneath Work and Education). You can then click to add your current city and hometown the same way you added your work and education information. You can also edit this information from the Overview section.