Facebook's Search Function - dummies

By Carolyn Abram

Search has become an integral part of using the Internet. It’s the way you find the info you need — whether that’s a business’ address, a person’s contact info, or the year of the great San Francisco earthquake. Facebook’s search is also important, though it works a bit differently from the way a search engine like Google or Bing does.

Most of the time, you will use Search to hop quickly to a friend’s Timeline or to check out a Page you follow. Simply start typing your friend’s name into the search box in the big blue bar on top of the page. Facebook displays an auto-complete menu as you type, showing possible matches as you add more and more letters. When you see the name of the person you are looking for, click on her name or picture to go to her Timeline.

Even though the most simple use of Search is what you’ll use most of the time, it’s worth noting that Facebook has an incredible database of information that you can search through at any time. You can search through friends’ posts, photos, videos simply by entering a search term into the search box.

Given the amount of information you might see in your News Feed on any given day, it can be incredibly helpful to search to find that one piece of information you are looking for (you know someone posted a link to the best place to pick apples in the fall, but you can’t remember when . . .). The search results page allows you to filter for the latest results, or to look only at people, photos, videos, Pages, or places.