Facebook Timeline's Left Column - dummies

Facebook Timeline’s Left Column

By Carolyn Abram

The right column of your Facebook Timeline features your posts and life events and updates every time you add something new. The left column of your Timeline is bit more static and provides snapshots of three parts of your profile that people tend to look for when they visit a Timeline:

  • Intro: The Intro box shows a portion of the information you may have added to your About section. The part it does show includes the things that help identify you as you.

Think of it as “dinner party introduction.” These pieces of info — where you work, where you live, where you went to school, who your spouse is — are the sorts of things you might talk about the first time you meet someone.

  • Photos: The Photos box shows thumbnails of photos you’ve added or been tagged in, starting with the most recent one. Clicking on any photo thumbnail will open an album view of all your photos.
  • Friends: The Friends box shows thumbnail photos of, you guessed it, your friends. Friends with new posts will appear at the top, followed by friends you have added most recently.