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Facebook Pages Manager iPhone App Makes Page Admin Easier

By Michelle Krasniak

Facebook’s release of its Pages Manager app for the iPhone lets business Page admins stay on top of their Pages’ activities from the convenience of their smartphones. Just by launching the app, Page owners can perform actions like view a Page’s analytics, post new text and photo updates, respond to existing posts and comments, as well as delete any previously posted update.

Getting started with the Pages Manager app is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Facebook Pages Manager app to your smartphone.

  2. Run the app.

  3. Log into your Facebook account if necessary.

If you are already a page administrator, you will be logged into the Page and will see its Wall. If you do not have a Page, you are given the opportunity to create one by clicking the link given to you in the app.

Navigating the Facebook Pages Manager top menu

Here’s how to make your way around the top menu of your Pages Manager app:


  1. Tap the button with the three lines on the top left to access the dashboard.

    Here you will see your Insights, other admins for the Page, all Pages that you are an admin to, as well as the Facebook Help Center, and Privacy and Legal information.


  2. Tap the center button showing two people to see a list of Facebook users who currently “Like” your Page.

    You will only be able to see the complete profiles of those people that you are friends with on your personal Facebook profile. If you are not friends with them, tapping their name in this list will take you to their profile page. However, you will only be able to view any information they have set to Public.

  3. Touch the right-most button that looks like a globe to bring up any recent notifications.

    Here is where you will see notifications, such as if any posts were shared, liked, or commented on.

  4. Click the Filter button on the top right of the blue menu bar.

    You can sort your Walls posts in order to see Everyone’s Posts, Only your Page’s posts, or you can set it so you view only hidden posts. The Everyone’s Posts view is the default.


Interacting with your Page fans

Updating your Page with text and photo posts is the reason why you have a Page in the first place, right? The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to interact with your Page’s fans by allowing you to comment on posts, reply to previous user’s comments, and more.

How to post text-only status updates

Here’s how to post updates with just text:


  1. Ensure you are on the Page where you want the update to appear.

    If you are currently viewing your dashboard, simply tap the name of the Page you want to update and you will be taken to that Page’s Wall.

  2. 2Tap the “Write Post” button underneath the top menu bar.

    A text box that says. “What’s on your mind?” appears at the top of the page.

  3. Type your update and tap the blue “Done” button at the bottom of the text box.

    Your update will be posted on your Page’s Wall.

How to add photo updates

Want to include an image with an update? Simple stuff . . .


  1. Ensure you are on the Page where you want the update to appear.

    If you are currently viewing your dashboard, simply tap the name of the Page you want to update and you will be taken to that Page’s Wall.

  2. Touch the “Share Photo” button on the right side, underneath the blue menu bar.

    You are given the option to either take a photo using your phone’s camera or choose an existing image from your phone’s album. Choose your preferred method and you photo will automatically be added to a post.

  3. Tap your screen where it says “Say something about this” to add a message about the photo.

  4. Tap the blue “Done” button when you are finished.

    Your photo and accompanying message will be posted to your Page’s Wall.

How to Add or reply to a comment on an existing post

Have something to say to your fans? Go right ahead with these simple steps.


  1. Touch the post that you want to add a comment to or reply to a user’s comment.

    It’s a good idea to reply to user’s comments as much as possible to show them you are listening to what they have to say. Fans love when you interact with them!

  2. Tap inside the box that says “Write a comment” at the bottom of your screen.

    Your phone’s keyboard will appear.

  3. Type your message and hit the Done key.

    Your message will appear at the bottom of the comment thread.

Deleting an existing post or comment

Sometimes you may decide to delete an existing post or comment. The Facebook Pages Manager app makes that easy.

  1. Navigate to the post or comment you want to remove

  2. Slide your finger either left or right across the post or comment.

    A delete button appears if you are deleting a post. Delete and ban user buttons appear.

  3. Tap the button of the action you want to perform.

    Deleting a comment or post removes it forever so be careful what you delete! Banning a user means they are no longer allowed to be a fan of your Page and can’t comment on any of your posts.

Accessing Facebook Insights

The Pages Manager app gives you the option to access the Facebook Insights analytics page from the dashboard on the left side of the screen. You can also access it by tapping the gray box underneath your Page’s name at the top of the screen. This box displays the number of likes your Page has, as well as the number of times people have checked into it using Facebook Places

Once on your Insights screen, you can see an overview of your Page’s analytics including how many people are talking about your Page and your weekly total reach. This information is also presented for a two-week timeframe in graphical form at the bottom of this page under the Trends heading.