Facebook Email Outreach - dummies

By Carolyn Abram

After you’ve confirmed your email address and added a few friends, Facebook considers you a full-fledged member of the site. However, it doesn’t want you to just show up once and leave, as a result, after you sign up, it may email you to remind you that you are now a Facebook user.

These outreach emails have various subject lines, ranging from a notice that one of your new Facebook friends has updated his status, to a general notice that “You have more friends on Facebook than you think.” Clicking the links in these emails will open up Facebook in your browser.

If you don’t like receiving these emails, you can unsubscribe by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the bottom of any individual email. This will also open up Facebook in your browser, asking if you are sure you want to unsubscribe from that type of email. Click Confirm to make it official.

When Facebook asks if you want to unsubscribe from “this type” of email, it is being very specific. Email updates about your friends (Carolyn added new photos on Facebook) are a different type than general prompts to find more friends. You may have to click unsubscribe from more than one email before you stop receiving emails altogether.