Defining Facebook Words and Phrases - dummies

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

Part of Facebook All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re new to Facebook, you may see unfamiliar terminology thrown around and wonder what it all means. Here are explanations of many commonly used Facebook words and phrases:

  • A Facebook business page is similar to a personal timeline, except it represents a business, a public figure, or an organization. Business pages are managed by administrators.

  • Comments are responses to status updates, pictures, and so on. When someone posts a status update, shares an article, uploads pictures, and so on, others have the option to Like or comment.

  • Your cover photo is an image on the top of your timeline that is intended to be expressive of who you are. It’s separate from your profile picture and can be seen only when someone is looking at your timeline.

  • A friend is someone you’re connected to on Facebook. Friends can comment on each other’s posts and photos and see status updates in their news feeds. Friends get connected by sending a friend request.

  • A follower is someone who follows another person. The follower can see everything a user posts. When someone follows you, that person does not need your approval.

  • A message is a private communication sent between you and one or more friends.

  • You tag people in a photo when you want to include them in a post or a status update. They then have the option to post it to their own timeline either automatically or after they review it.

  • Like is a way of showing you approve of a post. Click the Like button (it looks like a thumbs up sign) on status updates, pictures, articles, videos, and even comments.

  • The news feed is a list of status updates and other activity from those that you are friends with or subscribed to. The news feed can be filtered to only show friends that you interact with often. It is also referred to as your Facebook Home page.

  • The pages feed displays all the recent updates from business pages to which you are connected.

  • The games feed displays all the game activity of your friends.

  • Your profile photo is an image that is intended to be the icon representing you visually — the face of your profile, so to speak. Your profile picture appears on the top left of your timeline (profile), overlapping the bottom part of your cover photo. It also appears next to your comments and status updates indicating your identity and at the top left of your home page.

  • When you share, you repost content to your timeline for your friends list to see. Posts have a Share link right next to the Comment and Like options.

  • A status update is a post on your timeline — you create a status update by typing in the box that says “What’s on your mind?” Status updates appear in the news feeds of friends and can been seen on your timeline in the order they were posted.

  • The ticker is a real-time feed of your friends’ activity. The ticker appears in the top right of your screen.

  • Your personal timeline (you may also see it called your profile) is the public display of your information on Facebook. It includes your status updates, your pictures, and everything you’ve done on Facebook as others see them. Privacy settings allow you to set who can or can’t see this information.

  • Apps (short for applications) are any added tool designed to add a feature to your Facebook experience. Apps include third-party software that connects Facebook to other sites, as well as games or application pages (also called tabs) in business pages.

  • Your activity log shows all your actions on Facebook.