Automatic Photo Albums in Facebook - dummies

Automatic Photo Albums in Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

Most of the time when you’re creating a photo album in Facebook, you decide what to title it and which photos go into it. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Facebook assembles certain types of photos into albums on your behalf.

Most important, every time you change your profile picture or cover photo, Facebook adds it to the Profile Pictures or Cover Photos albums, respectively. Facebook creates albums of all your profile pictures and cover photos automatically.

You can access this album by clicking your current profile picture or cover photo from your Timeline. This takes you to the photo viewer, where you can click through your historical record of profile pictures. Even though Facebook created this album, you can still edit any part of it like any other album — you can caption, tag, reorder, and delete photos simply by clicking the photo you want to edit.

You can automatically turn any photo from this album back into your profile picture by clicking the Options link and selecting Make Profile Picture from the menu that appears.

Similarly, single photos that you add to your Timeline are collected into the Timeline Photos album. Photos that you add from your phone are added to a Mobile Uploads album. Videos also are collected into a Videos album.