Are You Too Old for Facebook? - dummies

By Carolyn Abram

No. Most emphatically, no. This is a common misconception, mainly because Facebook was originally exclusive to college students. Facebook’s origins, even its name, are rooted in college campuses, but its utility and nature aren’t limited to being useful to only college students.

Everyone has networks of friends and people with whom they interact on a day-to-day basis. Young or old, in college or working, this is true. Facebook tries to map these real-world connections to make it easier for people to share information with their friends.

If you’re thinking maybe you’re just too old for Facebook, you’re wrong. More and more people in older age demographics are signing up for Facebook every day to keep in touch with old friends, share photos, create events, and connect with local organizations.

Obviously, how people use the site can be very different at different ages, but you will discover these nuances when you use Facebook more and more. Generally, you should feel confident that you and your friends can connect and use Facebook in a meaningful way.

More than one billion people are using Facebook, and that number isn’t made up of “a bunch of kids.” Rather, it’s a bunch of people from every age group, every country, and every walk of life.