8 Tips for Boosting Visibility in the Facebook News Feed - dummies

8 Tips for Boosting Visibility in the Facebook News Feed

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

Part of Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Getting seen in the News Feed is more challenging for Facebook Pages these days, but you can increase your visibility by following these tips:

  • Post regularly. Posting at least once a day will increase your chances of being seen by your community. Posting 2-5 times is ideal but if that seems overwhelming, start by posting at least once a day.

  • Comment on other Pages as your Page. You can easily increase your exposure by choosing other Pages in your niche or with a similar audience to yours (for example, if you are a local business, comment on other local business Pages) and then commenting on their posts at your Page. The other audience will see your Page in the comments and possibly connect with yours.

  • Use images. An image takes up more space in the News Feed and an interesting image can spark more Likes, comments, and shares. When more people are engaging with your content, more people have a chance to see your content.

  • Use Boost Posts or Promoted Posts. Facebook is becoming a little more of a pay-to-play site where you will occasionally have to spend money to have your content seen. Plan on a little ad spending each month to push your posts into the News Feed of your community. Realize the difference between a Boost Post and a Promoted Post:

    • A Boost Post is created right from your Timeline and can target either your fans and their friends or an audience that you choose with up to 10 targeted keywords.

    • A Promoted Post is created from the Ads Manager and has more targeting options such as targeting only your fans, or an audience you choose with more targeted keywords.

  • Use hashtags. By adding hashtags (keywords with the # symbol attached such as #marketing) to your post, you have the potential to be seen by more people who are searching on that hashtag within Facebook.

  • Reply to the people who comment on your posts. When you reply to someone who has commented on your post, the post has a chance for added visibility because there is new activity on that post. You don’t have to reply to every single comment but it’s nice to acknowledge comments with a reply or a Like as much as possible.

  • Tag other Pages. When you tag another Page (by using the @ symbol and typing the other Page name) in a post, your visibility can increase with that Page’s audience. Facebook sometimes shows tagged posts to that Page’s fans in the News Feed. At the very least, you can increase your visibility with that Page so that your fans know you’re talking about them. Remember to say something nice!

  • Use Facebook contests or sweepstakes. A contest or sweepstakes is a fun way to get extra engagement on your Page because people like to win. They may even be sharing your contest with their friends, which increases your visibility.