5 Ways to Celebrate on Facebook - dummies

5 Ways to Celebrate on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

Facebook has become a way to celebrate both public and private holidays in a way that includes more people. Want to shout your love for your mother from the rooftops? Want to announce that you finally adopted a puppy? Help a friend celebrate their birthday? Facebook is there for you. Here are some ways that you can celebrate on Facebook:

  • Write on a friend’s Timeline: Since time immemorial (okay, it was in 2004, when Facebook added the “Wall” feature that would later become Timeline), people have been posting quick notes to people on their birthdays. A simple “Happy Birthday” or even “HB!” lets your friend know that you’re thinking of them on their special day. The same thing goes for sending congratulations on graduations, engagements, babies, publications and anything else that might warrant a heartfelt display of happiness.
  • Change your profile picture: Come Mother’s day, you might notice something interesting happening on Facebook: all your friends have changed their profile pictures to a photo of two people: your friend and their mom. The same thing happens on Father’s day, Valentine’s day, and the recently discovered Siblings day (really, there was no good way to celebrate that day before Facebook). Wedding anniversaries are commemorated with the wedding portrait becoming the profile photo for the day. It’s a quick way to show who you care about on a special day.
  • Add a life event: If you are the one doing the celebrating, adding a life event to your Timeline gives you the space to celebrate something that’s important to you. It can be something big like an engagement or a wedding, but it could also be something like learning a new language, or traveling someplace new. Each category of life events gives you a form where you can fill out information like where and when, and add photos to your digital announcement of the event. When you add a life event, your friends may see it in their News Feeds; don’t be surprised if you get a few congratulatory comments or likes.
  • Plan an event: Celebrations on Facebook can also happen in the real world. Whether you’re planning a moving day barbecue or surprise party for a friend, you can use Facebook events to let friends know about the event’s time and location, and to keep track of who’s coming to join in the fun.
  • Create a Thanks video: Thanks videos are a quick way to put together a slideshow thanking your friend for being your friend. Select a friend and choose from photos of the two you. These get assembled into a video interspersed with text that lets your friend know how much you appreciate them.

Celebrations on Facebook are a way of sharing joy. When you take part in something like this it amplifies the happiness, creating a cozy community of all your friends.