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5 Ways Facebook’s Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Life

By Carolyn Abram

Take Facebook on the go with Facebook’s mobile apps. The Facebook app provides an easy way to fill your time and check in at new or frequently visited locations. Share an awesome video with your friends, or use Facebook Moments to share photos with just a few friends. Easily update your status and review your News Feed, all by using the Facebook app from your smartphone.

Here are five ways to improve your life by using Facebook’s mobile apps.

  1. Kill time with News Feed.

    Waiting for the bus? For the doctor? For a friend who is always late? If you’re ever killing time, Facebook is one of the best places to go. When you use the Facebook mobile app, you can check out your mobile News Feed. This can be a source of news about friends, including their photos, videos, posts, and links.

    Depending on your friends, you might find that News Feed has tons of links to news articles or other videos that you want to read and see. You can comment on and like these posts just as you would on Facebook on your desktop. Never be bored again.

  2. Share Something Awesome with your Facebook friends.

    Record a video of your kids or pets and share it with friends on Facebook. Within minutes, many of your friends will like the video, and begin commenting. Sometimes you see something and you just can’t wait to share it. Using the Facebook app means you don’t have to.

  3. Get info on where you are.

    Next time you walk into a new restaurant or business, open the Facebook app on your smartphone. At the top of your News Feed, Facebook notifies you if any of your friends have checked in there; you can click to view any posts they wrote while they were there and find out more info about where they are.

    You might find out the exact right thing to order from the menu, and you may just have the strangely pleasant feeling of sharing an experience with a friend, even if you are doing so at different times.

  4. Get in touch with your friends.

    Facebook’s Messenger app lets you quickly exchange messages with your Facebook friends, no matter where they are. Messenger syncs seamlessly with Facebook’s message system, so messages you send from your computer are there when you open up the Messenger app.

    Messages you send from your phone (or receive on your phone) don’t incur any texting charges, and you don’t need to know any of your friends’ phone numbers to reach them. Just select their name and start typing.

  5. Share photos with just a few friends.

    Next time you stop to take selfies with your friends, you can easily share them with those friends using the Moments app. Moments syncs with your phone’s camera roll and automatically sorts your photos into events (or moments) that you can send to friends. All the friends you share with can contribute photos to the moment, as well. Photos you share via moments don’t get posted to Facebook or show up in News Feed.