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4 Types of Posts to Increase Activity on Your Facebook Page

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

To capture the attention of your Facebook fans and followers, you must publish great posts that entice them to engage with your business page. Try using the following four types of posts to garner a high level of engagement:

  • Caption a photo

    People love to look like the smartest person in a crowd — or on Facebook. A great way to leverage this on your page is to post a photo and ask your followers to caption it, as shown in this image:


  • Fill in the blank

    Just as with captioning a photo, an even easier way to get comments is to have people fill in the blank on a post. Simply post something like “If I could be Mark Zuckerberg for one day, I would _____.” You’ll be surprised at how something as simple as this will garner lots of engagement.

  • Answer a question

    Asking questions is another easy way to get your followers talking and engaged. The best questions are short and easy to answer. Ask people questions with yes-or-no or agree-or-disagree answers. You might also try a multiple-choice question. The easier your question is to answer, the more engagement you’ll see on your page.

  • Like or share a funny image

    Images are widely popular on Facebook, and some of the ones shared the most offer little value other than to make people laugh. Don’t make posting funny images your entire Facebook marketing strategy, but do mix these in from time to time to keep your followers laughing and engaged. For example, the following image, which was shared on the Post Planner page, received more than 1500 shares and over 300 Likes. It was posted just before Christmas, thus making it both timely and relevant — and funny!