Youth Groups Affiliated with Freemasonry - dummies

Youth Groups Affiliated with Freemasonry

By Christopher Hodapp

Part of Freemasons For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Freemasons encourage young people to become involved in their rituals. Over the years Freemasons have started several groups for young people. You need to have a Masonic connection to join the Order of DeMolay or Job’s Daughters, but a girl of any race, creed, or religion can join the International Order of the Rainbow. Masonic youth groups are in the following list:

  • Order of DeMolay (for boys): DeMolay confers initiation and knighthood on boys, followed by awards of merit. Its members hold office and conduct the ritual and business of the chapter, teaching boys leadership skills, financial responsibility, civic awareness, and public speaking. Today, membership is open to boys between the ages of 12 and 21.

  • Job’s Daughters (for girls): The purpose of the order is to band together young girls for character building through moral and spiritual development, teaching a greater reverence for God and the Bible, patriotism, and respect for parents.

  • The International Order of the Rainbow (for girls): Although its teachings are based on Christian writings used to show basic values integral to many religions., the order is open to girls of all religions.