How to Make Sure You're Meditating Correctly - dummies

How to Make Sure You’re Meditating Correctly

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It doesn’t take much to meditate the right way — especially because there really isn’t just one right way. If you’re concerned about your meditation practice, ask yourself the following questions. The closer you get to yes in response to each question, the better you’re doing!

  • Do I relax when I meditate, instead of tensing up?

  • Is my mind alert and aware, yet open and receptive?

  • Do I remember to come back to the focus of my meditation when my mind wanders off?

  • Do I remain relatively still, instead of fidgeting or shifting constantly?

  • Do I take one moment at a time, rather than trying to achieve some goal like quieting my mind?

  • Am I enjoying my breath (or my mantra or other focus) instead of working hard to get it right?