Little-Known Facts about Biblical Women - dummies

Little-Known Facts about Biblical Women

By Rev. John Trigilio, Jr., Rev. Kenneth Brighenti

Part of Women in the Bible For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Women in the Bible are prominent and obscure: the Bible mentions women by name, by title, by familial relationship (wife, mother, daughter, widow), and sometimes just by geographical location. Want to sound really smart? Throw these little bits of trivia into any conversation:

  • Sarah is the only woman in the Bible to have her name changed — from Sarai to Sarah.

  • Deborah is the only female Judge.

  • Athaliah is the only woman to rule the Kingdom of Judah.

  • Seven hundred women became wives of Solomon.

  • The daughter of Herodias is never identified by name, but historians believe she was called Salome.