Finding Time for Christian Prayer at Work - dummies

Finding Time for Christian Prayer at Work

By Richard Wagner

Incorporating a habit of Christian prayer at work can be difficult if you work full-time. You add prayer time to your workday, however, by following these tips:

  • Pick a dedicated prayer time that avoids the rush of the day. If your schedule permits, get up early and regularly spend time in prayer before going to work.

  • Whether you go by car, bus, or subway, praying during commute time can be an ideal way to transform what is usually dead time into quality moments with the Lord.

  • After you eat, spend the rest of your lunchtime in prayer.

  • When praying at work, close your office door or take a walk around the building.

  • If you don’t pray at work, then don’t turn on the television, DVD player, or computer at home until after you’re finished with prayer time that evening.

  • Don’t let work or any other activity become more important than being still with God.

  • Don’t wimp out on prayer on weekends. Set up a different weekend schedule for prayer that works on days that you aren’t in the office.