Tears during the First Year: What's Causing Baby to Cry? - dummies

Tears during the First Year: What’s Causing Baby to Cry?

By James Gaylord, Michelle Hagen

Part of Your Baby’s First Year For Dummies Cheat Sheet

During your baby’s first year, you’re still getting used to her needs, her moods, and her method of communication — which most often is a healthy yell. No need to panic, just run through the following list to discover the reason for your baby’s distress, which can help you find the way to alleviate it.

  • Is her diaper full?

  • Is she hungry?

  • Did you burp her after her last feeding?

  • Is she tired?

  • Is she frustrated or angry (by trying and not succeeding at a new skill, for example)?

  • Is she hurt?

  • Is she overstimulated (too much going on around her)?

  • Is she frightened?

  • Is something (a tag, or a toe stuck in a sock the wrong way) irritating her physically?

  • Is she sick (fever, diarrhea, runny nose)?

  • Is she cutting a tooth (general crankiness, drooling, blue spot on her gum)?