What Happiness Isn't - dummies

By W. Doyle Gentry

Part of Happiness For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Human beings are wired with an innate, neurological potential for happiness, but if you’re like most people, you’re not entirely sure what happiness is. Well, here are six things that happiness isnt:

  • Happiness isn’t about being wealthy. Money buys you comfort, support, and freedom of action, but it doesn’t make you happy.

  • Happiness isn’t about being powerful. Power is about exerting your will on others; happiness comes from working together in mutually satisfying ways.

  • Happiness isn’t about achieving success. Some of the most successful people are very unhappy — and vice versa. The only exception: people who decide to succeed at being happy.

  • Happiness isn’t just about being excited. If you fall down a flight of stairs, there certainly is a great deal of excitement — but you’re surely not happy! Sadly, excitement often creates an illusion of happiness — and that illusion doesn’t last.

  • Happiness isn’t a life-transforming experience. Happiness is momentary — it comes and goes — but it doesn’t change your life in any significant way. Enjoy happiness while you have it!

  • Happiness isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. Most people have to work at being happy. Life has its challenges, for sure, so how do you deal with them?