How to Use Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox - dummies

How to Use Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox

By April Leigh Helm, Matthew L. Helm

Part of Genealogy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you are looking for Internet resources on genealogy or local history, you can search for them at Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox by full-text search engine or by browsing categories.

Using the Full-Text Search engine

  1. Look for the Genealogy Toolbox Full-Text Search section.

    If you need help using the search engine, see the list of tips located just above the search field.

  2. Type the first and last name of the individual or type a topic that you’re looking for in the search box and click the Search button.

    The Search Results page contains a link to the site, as well as some text from the site that contains your search terms.

  3. Click the link to go to the website containing information of interest to you.

Browsing by category

On the home page for Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox, there is a list of categories that you can select to browse resources.

  1. Locate the Search Categories table on the home page.

    Under the title are several links to topics that may interest you.

  2. Click the title of a topic.

    A list of resources is displayed.

  3. Click the title of a resource that interests you.

    The browser will go to the new site where you can find information.