How to Conduct a Genealogical Search of Fold3 - dummies

How to Conduct a Genealogical Search of Fold3

By April Leigh Helm, Matthew L. Helm

Fold3 contains more than 410 million records to help with your genealogy. In addition to military records, the site has homestead records, city directories, passport applications, and census records. You can search for military and other government records at Fold3 using the following steps:

1Go to Fold3 and sign in.

The Fold3 home page appears.

2Click the Advanced link located to the right of the Search form near the top of the page.

The advanced search form appears.

3Type the first name and last name of the person you're researching into the appropriate fields.

Enter a keyword or place if you want to limit your results. You can also search in specific year range or limit results to material added to the site during a particular time frame.

Every piece of information you add to the search reduces the number of results you receive. If you execute a search and receive few or no results, omit optional search criteria to try to improve your search results.

4Click the Search button.

The search results page appears. The far left column shows the number of results that appear in each record category. The center column provides filters to limit your search. The far right column shows the actual results based on the filters.

5To change the date range, move the sliders left or right depending on your preferred date range and then click the Update button.

Note that the date changes in the fields as you move the sliders. You can omit records without dates by deselecting the Include x No-Date Matches check box.

6Select a state if you wish to limit the results by location.

You can select a state by clicking the map or by selecting the check box next to the state name. The search results automatically update when you add a state filter.

7Select a result type or select an Added in the Past radio button.

The search results update as you enable filters.

8Click a record title.

The image viewer slides in from the right of the screen, displaying the digitized record.

9Click the View Larger button.

This enlarges the image viewer to full screen.

10To perform any of several actions, click the buttons below the navigation bar (in gray).

About Image: Click the About Image button to open the Image Information pane.

Like: If you like this image or find it helpful, you can indicate so by clicking the Like button.

Find in Image: Click this button to open the Search box.

Annotate: To help index the image to make it more useful for others, click the Annotate button.

Comment: To add a comment about the image, click the Comment button and enter your text in the Comment field.

Connect: The Connect button allows users to connect an image with another image or with a particular page on Fold3.

Spotlight: This feature allows Fold3 users to create stories attached to particular parts of a record.

Print: To print the image, click the Print button.

Download: To save a copy of the image, click the Download button.

Share: To share an image, click the Share button.

Add to Gallery: Click the Add to Gallery button to add a link to the image in your personal gallery.

Save to Ancestry: If you have an online family tree, you can save the record to it by clicking this button.

11Click the buttons on the toolbar on the left of the image to change the view of the image.

Zoom In/Zoom Out: To see the image more closely (to zoom in), click the plus sign (+) on the vertical bar on the left side of the image. Click the minus sign (–) to zoom out.

Show Magnifier: When the standard zoom control doesn’t let you look closely enough or it loses the context of the document, use the Show Magnifier to display a magnifying lens onscreen.

Fit to Height: See the image at its full height onscreen.

Fill the Width: See the document at its full width onscreen.

Rotate: Move the image 90 degrees clockwise. This button shows a curved arrow next to a tilted rectangle.

Adjust Image: Change the brightness and contrast of the image. You can also invert the color of the image by selecting the Invert check box. The button is a shining sun icon.

Full Screen: View the image at its maximum size onscreen. Press the Esc key on your keyboard or click the Full Screen button again to exit Full Screen mode.

12Move to another image in the collection.

Click the large arrow on the right side of the image to move to the next image in the collection. When you place the cursor over the arrow, a small thumbnail of the next image appears onscreen.

Click the Open Filmstrip link at the bottom of the page to open a window showing the few images on either side of the image you’re looking at. Click any thumbnail image to view the full image. To see more images in either direction, click the arrow on either side of the filmstrip.