Assign Numbers to Family Members with the Tiny Tafel System

By April Leigh Helm, Matthew L. Helm

Some people confuse the genealogical ahnentafel system with tiny tafel, which is a compact way to show the relationships within a family database. If you have ancestors who share the same name, or if you’ve collected a lot of information on several generations of ancestors, you may have trouble distinguishing one person from another.

Tiny tafel provides only the Soundex code for a surname, and the dates and locations where that surname may be found according to the database.

Computer programs sometimes use tiny tafels to match the same individual in two different genealogy databases. The following example shows a tiny tafel:

C413 1845 1936 CliftonSouth Carolina/Cochran Co. TX
C651 1836 1920 Crump/Mississippi
L500 1844 Looney/Red River Co. TX
S536 1824 1996 SandersMontgomery Co. NC/Baylor Co. TX